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Employee Profile: D.O.G.

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Today's blog post takes us up close and personal with one of Claude Lakey’s most outstanding (on all fours) employees: The one and only D.O.G.

Pronounced "dee-OH-jee," or just "DEE-oh" for short, he has become a mainstay here at the Claude Lakey Headquarters. His extensive list daily tasks include sitting and laying down, scouting the floor for dropped crumbs, and being responsible for the upkeep of office cheerfulness and morale via  cuddling, breathing loudly, and frequently requesting his favorite yum-yum treats.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Deoh, and am excited to share this interview many will consider the most honest and groundbreaking piece of journalism to have ever unfolded in the history of man and canine’s historic relationship.

NATHAN NUTTER: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat for a moment, Deoh. I hear April 10th was your seventh birthday! Did you have a big bash, and is there a reason you choose to use the human calendar as opposed to the traditional dog calendar like your other canine counterparts?

D.O.G : (Heavy breathing)

NN: Ok, moving on. Jazz is a genre primarily dominated by cool cats. Has that been a tough adjustment for you?

D.O.G. : (Inhales loudly, trots out of room) 

As you can see, D.O.G.’s time at the Claude Lakey office is valuable. So much so, he had to cut our interview short to make his 2pm scheduled nap time, which is traditionally followed by 15 minutes of staring out the window at cars driving by.

Known for his punctuality in addition to his breath, it's safe to say that Deoh’s professional disposition and outlook on delivering high quality woodwind accessories to musicians all over the world is what truly sets the tone here at the Claude Lakey HQ.



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