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Today's #TuesdayTip is for all you clarinet players out there. (See? We haven't forgotten you!)

Whether you're a chair in a classical orchestra exploring the jazzier side of your instrument, or a sax player working on your ability to double, Victor Goines and the Jazz Academy at Lincoln Center bring you an exercise to help players of all levels develop their sound and technique across multiple octaves.

Be sure to check out Claude Lakey's Clarinet mouthpieces. We're more than just saxophones! And don't forget - the Compass Ligature fits clarinets, too!

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#FunnyFriday: One Minute Jazz Lesson

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Not familiar with One Minute Jazz Lessons? Then your playing has suffered immensely.

Whether you need help ending a tune, want to learn how to vibe, or need tips on playing with feeling, Jacob Mann is your guide and guru to achieving the #NextLevel of jazz artistry.

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Tuesday Tip: Fatten Your Sound

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How would you like to increase resonance, volume, flexibility and presence in your sound? It's not only about having the right equipment.

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Tuesday Tip: Perfecting Practice

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This week's #TuesdayTip is author Jeff Cunningham's comprehensive guide to improving your practice routine's efficiency and effectiveness while increasing your progress and overall satisfaction.

In short: This is how to practice if you want to get results.

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Tuesday Tip : Breath Support

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Every week brings a new chance for artists and musicians to improve their skills and techniques, so we're dedicating Tuesdays to helping woodwind players reach their goals with our #TuesdayTips series!

(Ben Britton, Everything Saxophone)

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