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#FunnyFriday: Sexy Sax Man's Careless Whisper Prank

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In case you've been living under a rock (or locked in your room practicing scales), we're dipping into the archives to be sure you've seen one of the funniest sax videos on the internet.

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#FunnyFriday: Calvin and Hobbes and the Afterlife

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Sometimes life's most difficult questions have the simplest answers. Here, the great Calvin and Hobbes ponder the sweet hereafter.

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#TBT: The CBS Orchestra

Posted by Aaron Mason at  | 0 comments Tags: cbs orchestra, david letterman, late night, sax, saxophone

In honor of last night's final episode, this week's #TBT pays tribute to some incredibly talented sax players to have ripped it in David Letterman's CBS Orchestra over the years: David Sanborn, Mindi Abair, & Aaron Heick! #‎ThanksDave‬

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Tuesday Tip: Fatten Your Sound

Posted by Aaron Mason at  | 0 comments Tags: fat sound, intervals, practice, sax, saxophone, tips

How would you like to increase resonance, volume, flexibility and presence in your sound? It's not only about having the right equipment.

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Artist Profile: Paul Desmond

Posted by Nathan Nutter at  | 0 comments Tags: dave brubeck, jazz, legend, mouthpiece, paul desmond, sax, saxophone, take five

Jazz music is constantly building upon and celebrating the legacy of those who brought it from its humble American beginnings to one of the most influential art forms of the last 100 years.

Paul Desmond is one of those artists whose contributions to the genre are constantly being echoed by sax players across many genres of modern music, and Claude Lakey is proud to say that our mouthpiece in some small way, helped this jazz giant achieve his signature tone.

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Tuesday Tip: Perfecting Practice

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This week's #TuesdayTip is author Jeff Cunningham's comprehensive guide to improving your practice routine's efficiency and effectiveness while increasing your progress and overall satisfaction.

In short: This is how to practice if you want to get results.

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¡Cinco de Mayo!

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We at Claude Lakey like to celebrate on May 5th with our favorite Tequila: sax-heavy sound of The Champs' 1958 #1 hit song!

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#FunnyFriday: Votes & Notes

Posted by Aaron Mason at  | 0 comments Tags: jokes, music, politics, sax, saxophone, swing

In light of recent campaign announcements here in the USA, we're taking a political (music) stand in our first edition of #FunnyFriday.

Are all the jokes going to be this bad? Probably. Will things occasionally get weird? I promise you they will. Is there a third question because things sound better in threes? You betcha!

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Tuesday Tip : Breath Support

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Every week brings a new chance for artists and musicians to improve their skills and techniques, so we're dedicating Tuesdays to helping woodwind players reach their goals with our #TuesdayTips series!

(Ben Britton, Everything Saxophone)

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Best.Saxophone.Website.Ever Review

"I found the Compass Ligature to be the most neutral of these ligatures when comparing it to the overall sound. And in comparison to my stock ligature, the Compass simply required less air and produced a bigger sound."

Check out Zach's full review at Best.Saxophone.Website.Ever.Com

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