Claude Lakey Woodwinds


Kansas City's 5 Star Jazz Band is a fantastic non-profit community music program that gives young musicians the unique opportunity to train like professionals in front of a paying audience.

Claude Lakey teamed up with Fender Music Foundation, a charity that provides instruments to music education programs - including schools - across the USA, to outfit their sax section with some new gear, and we couldn't be more "blown away" by the results!

Abbey, a musician with 5 Star, was stunned by the difference in her performance:

"I tried the new Claude Lakey mouthpiece the night before my solo recital last Saturday. I had to look in the mirror to make sure it was me playing," she says surprisingly. "And I got a '1' rating at my solo recital. Thanks Claude Lakey!" 

Congratulations, Abbey! Keep up the great work.

Why play in front of a paying audience rather than the traditional judging in a room full of peers? 5 Star Jazz Band is out to not only improve musicianship but build character.

Tom Bates, President of 5 Star, feels this real-world experience requires seriousness and dedication beyond the typical musical education. His musicians become strong leaders, better students, and inherit a love of all forms of music.

Membership in the band is audition-based, and all students are encouraged to also participate in their school's band program.

If you think a new mouthpiece could do for you what it did for Abbey, grab an Original series Soprano, Alto, or Tenor from our online store at


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