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In honor of the National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM), we want to share a list of some of the great organizations and events related to the promotion and preservation of music education in the United States and around the world.

1. National Association for Music Education's Music In Our Schools Month

You probably could have guessed that we were going to include the event that inspired this post, and we’re doing it for good reason! 2015 Marks the 30 Year Anniversary of Music In Our Schools Month, which since its humble beginnings as a one day long, state-wide celebration in New York , is now one of the most widely celebrated events in the realm of music education in the United States and Europe. Events include concerts, clinics, endorsements, and promotions to spread awareness about the importance of keeping and enhancing music education for students of all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Learn more at .

2. VH1’s Save The Music Foundation

Although you might know VH1 more for their “The Fabulous Life of _____” or the “I Love The 70’s/80’s/90’s” series, they also have developed a campaign with a inspirational message. The “Save The Music Foundation” is VH1’s 501c3 non-profit organization “dedicated to restoring music programs in America’s public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education.” Their mission involves developing partnerships with school districts in order to curb the growing trend of music programs being defunded due to increased budget cuts from state and federal governments. Through providing grants to schools and districts, they hope to meet their goal of “giving every child in this country access to a musical instrument.” You can find out how to support this cause by going to their website

3. The Playing For Change Foundation

In 2005, a group of film makers created a series of live recordings where they recorded street musicians in various countries and continents playing on the same songs in order to showcase the idea that “music has the power to connect people regardless of their differences.” Ten years later, the Playing For Change Foundation is a widely known and grown non-profit organization that continues to  expand upon their goal of “positive change through music and arts education.” Check out their website to learn more at

4. The Landfill Harmonic and Recycled Orchestra

Our offices are based out of Seattle, and staying true the the environment of innovation, recycling, and music-- we love seeing the amazing things that come out of the Recycled Orchestra. Instead of explaining in words what this amazing organization is doing, check out this video to see the amazing work being done in the name of producing “a film that brings awareness on poverty, music education and recycling. To activate social change while inspiring projects and campaigns on these key issues around the globe.” 


5. Fender Music Foundation

Just like many of the previous organizations on this list, The Fender Music Foundation cares deeply about the integration of music education in our school systems, and their mission is to support music education programs by providing instruments and grants to schools and districts in need of the funding that is crucial to keep music education in the lives of all young people. Through a second-hand exchange program, FMF has given drums, amps, guitars, keyboards, woodwinds, brass, percussion and numerous other types of instruments to education programs that are most in need of support. Visit to learn more.


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