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5 Artists That Make Us Wish We Were At SXSW

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Although it has recently become widely known for its showcases in many areas of culture such as film and technology, it’s undeniable that the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival’s main feature is it’s incredible lineup of Bands, Producers, DJs, and other musical acts and artists that come from around the world to partake in the city-spanning festival that's happening March 13-22. Even though we’re stuck up here in Seattle, here are some of the acts you don’t want to miss if you’re lucky enough to be in the Austin, TX area for the next week.


Hailing from Motown, USA, this multi-talented producer, DJ, and saxophonist Grant Kwiecinski combines elements of funk, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic production that amount to a unique and cutting-edge sound that has caught the attention of listeners around the globe. You can check out Griz’s set tonight (Wednesday) where he’ll be wailing on our Claude Lakey 6* Apollo Ebonite Alto Mouthpiece and it kicks off at 10pm at The Gatsby! You can find and follow Griz on Twitter and Instagram @mynameisGriz


 This Austrian electronic production duo has recently lead the wave of dance music some have called “Jazz House” or “Sax House” with their smash hit “Sonnentanz Ft. Will Heard.” This infectiously catchy summertime tune reached the top 10 charts in six countries including the U.K. and Germany. They’ll be playing a midnight set on at the Vulcan Gas Company on Thursday March 19 (that means Wednesday night!).  Follow their Twitter page @Klangkarussel.

The War On Drugs

If DJs and dance music aren’t exactly your cup of tea, those who cater more towards the musical stylings of Austin’s bustling rock scene can find their saxophone fix by checking out The War On Drugs showcase at Clivebar on Wednesday night at midnight. This Philadelphia band’s unique sound incorporates baritone sax and mellophone horn  to fill in the space between the guitars, drums,  keyboards, and vocals that are reminiscent of REM, Real Estate, and Future Islands. Follow them on Twitter @WarOnDrugsJams.

San Fermin

 Lovers of groups like Beirut, The Arcade Fire, and Fanfarlo can get their fill of wind instruments and indie music all in one show at San Fermin’s Saturday concert at the Central Presbyterian Church at 8:20pm. Their sax player is Stephen Chen and you can follow him on Twitter @stststephen. 

Glenn White

Finally, for all the jazz lovers and saxophone fanatics out there, be sure to check out renowned tenor player Glenn White’s set Thursday at the Elephant Room at 10pm. White has played alongside greats such as Norah Jones and the Four Tops! You can follow this New York- based jazzer on Twitter @GlennWhite.


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