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What the kids are listening to: II

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In this second installment of our new series, I’ll be exploring a track from The 1975. An Indie rock band from Manchester who released their self‐titled debut album September of 2013. You may have heard their breakaway single, “Chocolate” which gained traction for the band in the US. Touring throughout the us in 2014, The 1975 is only gaining more acclaim as listeners discover their complete album. 
The track in question, “Heart Out” is a percussive, bass driven track that will have your toes tapping along in the first eight beats. Lyrics say, “It’s just you and I tonight, why don’t you figure my heart out?” and the music couldn’t be more true to these feelings. Enter a sax solo at 3:30 that could be described as nothing but “heart”‐felt. Channeling the themes of adolescent desperation, the solo releases melodies weaving in and above the band which make you want to get up out of your seat, and possibly put your lighter/cell phone in the air. Jumping back in for tasteful melody cameos throughout the end of the song, you’re left feeling reminiscent for the days when all touring rock bands had a saxophone player.

The 1975 - Heart Out from Adam Scarth on Vimeo.

Not to be overlooked, is how adorable this music video is. If you aren’t familiar with The 1975, you might be thinking, good grief, they’re just children! Don’t fret, these are simply the kid‐versions of the band crushing it at their school talent show. I think even real life 1975 sax player John Waugh will agree that the Sax Kid totally steals the show!


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