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What The Kids Are Listening To: I

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In this first installation of a new series, I’ll be introducing you to a new song featuring woodwind instruments outside a traditional genre. Appearances of the saxophone in mainstream music have become fairly standard these days, but striving to look beyond the average setting for a saxophone or clarinet, these are songs from artists who are sneaking woodwinds into uncharted areas. 

This installment’s tune is “World Turn” by Copeland off their new album Ixora. Their first studio album in 6 years, the band has come out of "retirement" with this release. Without distribution or label backing, this self released album comes without plans of a tour, or really plans of any future beyond this creative venture. Ixora is filled with such feeling and creative drive, it’s not hard to understand their need to produce it and share. Filled with their signature acoustic guitar driven indie-rock sound, tracks take on an additional element of electronic layering and the addition of new instruments (such as the saxophone) which lend to a more modern 2014 twist on the classic Copeland fans enjoyed in the early 2000s. 
The track in question, “World Turn” features an intimacy with the listener through the voice of Aaron Marsh, the band's lead singer and frontman. Marsh’s falsetto propels the track forward and even at a slow tempo, you find yourself rocking on the waves heard at the top of the track, long after the sampling has faded out. Just as you find yourself swaying in the ocean with “waves crashing on your back” a sultry saxophone plays a breathy solo. Soft and gentle in it’s approach, and quick to pull back and let the song continue, the saxophone leaves a lingering affect on the rest of the track. You can almost hear it continue as the song leaves, just as it came, swaying on the waves at the beach. 


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