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Today's #TuesdayTip is for all you clarinet players out there. (See? We haven't forgotten you!)

Whether you're a chair in a classical orchestra exploring the jazzier side of your instrument, or a sax player working on your ability to double, Victor Goines and the Jazz Academy at Lincoln Center bring you an exercise to help players of all levels develop their sound and technique across multiple octaves.

Be sure to check out Claude Lakey's Clarinet mouthpieces. We're more than just saxophones! And don't forget - the Compass Ligature fits clarinets, too!

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#MusicMonday: Who to See at Sasquatch! Music Festival

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Every Memorial Day Weekend here in the Pacific Northwest, tens of thousands of music fans attend one of the most anticipated music festivals in indie, rock, soul, folk, hip hop, and electronic music: Sasquatch! Music Festival.

We've put together a quick list of horn-related/jazz-influenced artists you'd be crazy to miss at 'Squatch 2015. And if you're not going, you should still check them out below!

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#FunnyFriday: One Minute Jazz Lesson

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Not familiar with One Minute Jazz Lessons? Then your playing has suffered immensely.

Whether you need help ending a tune, want to learn how to vibe, or need tips on playing with feeling, Jacob Mann is your guide and guru to achieving the #NextLevel of jazz artistry.

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#TBT Sidney Bechet

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With this year's Jazz Fest in our rear view mirrors and summertime just around the corner, we want to celebrate the life of a lesser-known, but nonetheless immortal New Orleans jazz legend: clarinet and soprano sax great Sidney Bechet (May 14, 1897 - May 14, 1959).

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Tuesday Tip: Fatten Your Sound

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How would you like to increase resonance, volume, flexibility and presence in your sound? It's not only about having the right equipment.

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IVRY Reed Release Update!

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We at Claude Lakey are very excited about our upcoming IVRY Reeds. Never before has a player been able to refine his/her sound with tonal structure and harmonic resonance built directly into the reed! We can’t wait for you to get your hands (well… mouths) on them!

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Artist Profile: Paul Desmond

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Jazz music is constantly building upon and celebrating the legacy of those who brought it from its humble American beginnings to one of the most influential art forms of the last 100 years.

Paul Desmond is one of those artists whose contributions to the genre are constantly being echoed by sax players across many genres of modern music, and Claude Lakey is proud to say that our mouthpiece in some small way, helped this jazz giant achieve his signature tone.

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Tuesday Tip: Perfecting Practice

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This week's #TuesdayTip is author Jeff Cunningham's comprehensive guide to improving your practice routine's efficiency and effectiveness while increasing your progress and overall satisfaction.

In short: This is how to practice if you want to get results.

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¡Cinco de Mayo!

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We at Claude Lakey like to celebrate on May 5th with our favorite Tequila: sax-heavy sound of The Champs' 1958 #1 hit song!

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May the Fourth is an important date the intergalactic calendar, and this week's Music Monday, is a profile of one of the universe's most beloved groups: Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, or as they're more commonly known, The Star Wars Cantina Band.

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