Claude Lakey Woodwinds


We love when new artists release music that pushes the limits of what we consider jazz to sound like, and last week one of our favorite bands Snarky Puppy released their latest album SYLVA which did just that! 

Featuring one of the most renound concert/pop orchestras in the world, SYLVA combines Snarky Puppy's well-established brand of orchestral, electronic, jazz fusion with textures of a world-class symphony orchestra.

Groovy clarinet and horn riffs combined with ethereal guitars, intricate polyrhythms, and luscious guitar, synthesizer, and string soundscapes make this live album one of the most groundbreaking jazz performances to come out in 2015, and could very well help the Pups achieve their second Grammy nomination in two years following their past performance of "Something" Featuring Lala Hathaway. 


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