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Compass Ligature Upgrade!

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Like any good artist, we at Claude Lakey are obsessed with improvement. That's why we've developed an enhancement to the Compass Ligature that will provide you with an even better fit and increased playability.

Now THAT'S a mouthpiece! *rimshot* (Thanks, Beyoncé.)

If you purchased a mouthpiece from us in the last several months, a textured rubber insert came pre-installed on your mouthpiece (except sopranos), so you may have it already.* It is designed to provide additional grip for standard size hard rubber alto, tenor, and clarinet mouthpieces.

If you've purchased a ligature from us before we started including the new inserts, chances are you recently received some mail like Chris J. Hampton:


EASY. Check the inside flaps of your Compass. If you feel a textured, “grippy” rubber, then you’re already good to go! If you feel smooth plastic - the same as on the outside of the flap - email and we will send you a hard rubber insert for FREE.

We're constantly striving for progress, and believe this makes an already great product even greater. To see which insert works best for your mouthpiece (even other brands) check out our handy flowchart.



  • Hi, I have a vintage selmer metal mouthpiece (classical) (c*), I bought it online and i love it but im getting tired of my tape ligatures. I was wondering if this ligature would fit. Looking at pictures the black plastic looks like its molded for hard rubber mouthpieces. If you could reply, it would be amazing thanks.

    Eric Wang on
  • Hi, Steve! Yes, it does fit a Beechler metal alto. If you have any more questions about the Compass fitting other mouthpiece models, please visit Thanks for asking!

    Claude Lakey on
  • To whom this will concern:Will the Compass Ligature fit a (Beechler metal alto sax mouthpiece)? Please let me know! Thank you,Steve Caron

    Steven A. Caron on
  • Hi, Gordon. We’re glad you like the sound of the Compass! As far as the inserts are concerned, the foam pads are necessary for soprano or very slim mouthpieces. If you’re using the hard rubber insert for grip, we haven’t heard of any loss in “stickiness.” If you experience a problem, email and we can send you out a replacement. Thanks!

    Claude Lakey on
  • Hi I’ve recently bought a compass and I have to say iam disappointed in the fact you have to put inserts in to fit different types of m/p.
    on reading your advert and watching the promo video’s I got the impression that all you did was you take off one m/p onto another this is not the case so if you use different m/ps regularly then the stickiness will eventually ware off.
    do you send replacements out to your costumers?.
    I must say though im impressed with the quality of the sound it seems to be better than the ligature that comes with the m/p so not all bad.
    cheers Gordon

    gordon ellis on

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