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Original Alto

Original Alto
  • Original Alto
  • Original Alto
  • Original Alto

Includes Compass Ligature and Cap

The Original Alto is THE Claude Lakey vintage mouthpiece. Ideal for lead alto, yet versatile enough to blend in with any horn section, our most popular mouthpiece offers a bright and even sound that can be heard across the auditorium.

Great for jazz, but not to be overlooked for rock, funk, or electronic music— the Originals are meant to make you heard in solo and ensemble work. 

Product Details

  • Bright sound with crisp projection
  • Free blowing and easy to play
  • Handcrafted for quality
  • Made from high quality composite
  • Compass ligature and cap included
  • Replacement tooth guards included

The Original Alto is where it all started, and it has remained the central piece of our Originals collection for more than half a century. Claude handcrafted the Original Alto design himself when he was unsatisfied with any molds available to him. His innovations pioneered a better Jazz mouthpiece: the same one we are still making today. 

Claude created the Original Alto as a jazz piece, but its bright sound and great projection make it the perfect choice for a variety of genres. We find it’s particularly stunning in rock groups, funk bands, and house music. You’ll find the Original Alto gives you the ability to stand out above the crowd, or blend into an ensemble. You will reach new highs and lows, having freedom in your upper and lower register. The versatility of this piece is outstanding, and you will soon find it becomes a favorite to play in several settings. 

Each of our mouthpieces comes with the Compass Ligature. Our innovative design makes the Compass the most unique ligature on the market. Using BOA’s patented reel technology, the Compass holds your reed while allowing the most breathability providing more volume with less effort. The Compass has a universal fit, so you can use it with any of your other mouthpieces, and it's backed by a lifetime warranty,* so not only will your reed breathe easier, you will too.


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    Why BOA?

    We have partnered with BOA Technology to create our innovative Compass Ligature. We chose to work with BOA because of their innovative reel technology, with micro-adjustability, powerful closure, and lightweight makeup - the BOA reel is the perfect integration into a ligature meant to withstand anything. With BOA’s dialed-in-for-life guarantee, the Compass is protected by a lifetime warranty.*

    The durability of BOA’s reels have been tested for over a decade, and the results are amazing. Currently, there are over 800 BOA products improving lives all over the world, with 50 patents issued and pending, and 10 national and international awards for product design excellence.

    We couldn’t think of a better team to partner with in bringing you the first Claude Lakey ligature. With the ability to tighten with even pressure on your reed, the Compass is unique from every other ligature in the market, offering micro-adjustability and complete customizability for each artist. We have partnered in innovation to bring something truly revolutionary to woodwind players.

    With BOA’s dialed-in-for-life guarantee, the Compass is protected by a lifetime warranty.*

    * BOA's Dialed in for Life Guarantee (lifetime warranty) applies to the Compass Ligature ONLY. Included caps are NOT eligible for warranty coverage. Replacement caps may be purchased at